About Seth

Seth D. Powell is a scholar of Indian religions, Sanskrit, and yoga traditions, currently pursuing a Ph.D. in South Asian Religions at Harvard University. His research focuses on the history, theory, and practice of medieval and early modern Sanskrit yoga texts and traditions, as well as their intersections with the culture and practice of modern transnational yoga. Seth also holds degrees in the study of religion from the University of Washington (M.A.) and Humboldt State University (B.A.).

Posing in the courtyard of Harvard’s Center for the Study of World Religions. Kris Snibbe/Harvard Staff Photographer.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Seth has spent much of the past decade “on the mat” in the American yoga studio culture, engaging in a variety of forms of modern postural yoga. As a scholar-practitioner, Seth is gifted in his ability to present the ancient teachings of yoga clearly in an accessible, light-hearted, and inspiring manner—while maintaining a rigor and sensitivity to traditional Indian knowledge systems.

Seth is also the founder of Yogic Studies, an educational platform that aims to bridge the gap between the yoga studio and academy—seeking to make accessible the highest quality and most cutting-edge research on yoga history, philosophy, and practice for yoga teachers, and students. Seth conducts workshops and lectures regularly on the history and philosophy of yoga at studios, teacher trainings, and universities around the country.

Seth currently spends his time between coasts, residing in northern California and Cambridge, Massachussetts, with his wife and two young children.